New World Music With a Twang!

Feen Boyett is an instrumental group that is the result of many years of musical collaboration between. Brady Mosher (Mojine Boy) and Bob Gentry - and their mutual love of the rhythms and sounds of Mexico, South America and the Caribbean as well as their native North American R&B, Jazz, and Country music.

This "New World Music" embraces a wide variety of stylistic ideas and improvisational elements with melodies and harmonies voiced primarily on acoustic guitars, (Brady Mosher), steel guitar (Mitchell Smithey) and fiddle and mandolin (Milo Deering). Rhythms are propelled by the supple grooves of Mike Medina of 2tone on drums and James Driscoll on bass.

Ignoring category lines and communicating on a soul-u-lar level to a diversity of listeners is what Feen Boyett is all about.