From the recording Texas Jam

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I’m Alright By Me
(Rachel Deering)

I'm finding out that I can find my way okay
Driving down this road of life day after day
Some say I've lost my keys permanently
But I'm alright by me

I've found myself in trouble for going too fast
And there've been many times I just plain ran out of gas
But when I couldn't go, I always found a tow
And I'm alright by me

Flats, I've had my share
I can even bear without a spare
They can laugh all they want,
I really don't care
'Cause I always seem to get there

I'm smilin while I'm drivin this lemon of mine
Nine u-turns in a mile suits me just fine
If I go the wrong way, well, that’s still okay
'Cause I'm alright by me

I'm gettin kind of used to this old wrecked car
And you don't have to tell me that I'm missing some parts
I've got cruise control and I can roll with the flow
And I'm alright,
Yes, I'm okay
Yeah, I'm alright by me.