1. Bluebonnets

From the recording Texas Jam

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(Rachel Deering)

Mama brought us up to know the Texas trails
From the plains up to the mountains to the sandy shores below
But nothing can be prettier in the springtime
Than the hills where the bluebonnets grow

We’ve taken autumn trips up to the canyon
We’ve shivered and we’ve quivered in the panhandle snow
We’ve seen out east in summer all those cypress trees
And the ghost towns near El Paso

But I leave it all behind in the springtime
Take my love and go to where nobody knows
We’ll pack a picnic, drive out to the hillside
Spend the day where the bluebonnets grow

I’ve spread my wings and flown over the ocean
I’ve seen the seas and many things I may not see tomorrow
But I’ll always come home and they can rest my soul
On the hills where the bluebonnets grow